4/8 PCS Stove Burner Covers

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4/8 PCS Stove Burner Covers

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Looking for an easy way to keep your stovetop clean? Look no further than our 4/8 PCS Stove Burner Covers! These reusable protectors fit perfectly over your gas stove burners and can be trimmed to size, making them a perfect fit for virtually all gas hobs. Made of heat-resistant fiberglass, these covers can withstand very high levels of heat, making them a great choice for busy families. To clean, simply remove after letting cool and wipe them off with soapy water - it's that easy!     Description: Color: Silver, Black Material: PTFE Size: 27*27cm (10.63 x 10.63inch) Thickness: 0.12mm Conventional Temperature Tolerance: -70-260 ℃ (up to 380 ℃ ) Package Included: 4/8 PCS Stove Burner Covers  

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4 Pcs Silver, 4 Pcs Black


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